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Meaning & Origins

This name was apparently coined by the playwright J. M. Barrie, who used it for the ‘little mother’ in his play Peter Pan (1904). He took it from the nickname Fwendy-Wendy (i.e. ‘friend’) used for him by a child acquaintance, Margaret Henley. It has also been suggested that this name may have originated as a pet form of Gwendolen. After peaking in the 1960s, use of the name declined quite rapidly.
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Southern Italian: 1. from a personal name (Latin Rufus, originally a nickname for someone with red hair, from a dialect form of the standard Latin word rubeus). This name was borne by various minor early saints, and occasionally used as a personal name in the Middle Ages. 2. from a personal name of Germanic origin but uncertain form and meaning. The Calabrian noble family of this name is said to be of Norman origin.
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