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Meaning & Origins

‘Clever’; a word which originally meant ‘grain husk’.
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Chinese 梁: from the name of Liang Mountain in present-day Shaanxi province. During the reign of the Zhou dynasty emperor Xuan Wang (827–782 BC), Qin Zhong set out on an expedition to subdue the peoples to the west in Central Asia.Qin Zhong was killed, however, which caused his five sons to develop a bitter hatred of those tribes, and so they set out to avenge their father, eventually succeeding and defeating the peoples of the west. The emperor divided the area of Shang among them, and the second son received the area around Liang Mountain, from which his descendants developed the surname Liang.Subsequently, Liang was the name of two Chinese dynasties, the Earlier Liang Dynasty (502–557) and the Later Liang Dynasty (907–923).
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