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(Japanese) ‘Bow’ (as in archery); ‘helpful beauty’; also short for any name beginning with Yumi-.
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Korean (Chŏng): there are three Chinese characters used to represent the Chŏng surname. The clans that use two of these characters are quite rare and are mostly found in Chŏlla province; their origins are obscure. The more common of the three clans is the oldest and is widely distributed throughout the peninsula. Only the clans which use this more common character will be treated here. Some sources indicate that there are 215 separate Chŏng clans, but only 32 of them can be documented. The earliest and largest Chŏng clan began in 32 AD when Chibaekho, one of the six ruling elders of pre-Shilla Korea, received the surname of Chŏng from the Shilla King Yuri Isagŏm (AD 24–57). Chŏng is one of the most common Korean surnames.
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